Country Girl

Country Girl

Country Girl

Well Ladies, it’s that time of year already, fall is here and a lot of women are wearing fall clothes even though it’s 80 degrees out there!  There is nothing like being the first one showing off the new fashion….fashionistas are brave but that’s how they get their followers and fans!

Born in the good ol’ USA I’m like all you that are young, middle aged and well aged like wine….I LIKE my fashion!  However I am usually dressed in jeans, t-shirt and comfy barn boots!  I’ve ruined enough heels thinking I could just run in the barn and feed right fast and come out smelling like horses ….which I must admit I love the smell of horses!  I look down and there on my heels is horse poo….they are never the same after that!  Wear them to dinner and yikes you start smelling the barn!  Not good!!!

Back to what we were talking is a choice and we let stars and models set the fashion for us.  We need to stop and realize there are very few of us first of all that are that skinny minny!  Be brave, be yourself!  There is not another person in the world just like you.  Wear “your style” not something that you really don’t feel good in.  As long as it fits, it’s clean and you like it…that’s all that counts!  Don’t forget to brush your hair and put on that winning smile tho’ girl!  Believe in yourself!

Until next time…happy trails all you young chics, lovely ladies and beautiful women!

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